Geelong car crime soars, remember to lock up

July 29, 2012

At Geelong Monitoring Services, we constantly keep an eye on crime trends in the region, it’s imperative for our guards to know what to look out for and what’s happening around town. Staying informed is one way we help to prevent crime and provide quality security services in Geelong.

In an article by Victoria MacDonald for the Geelong Advertiser, it is revealed how car theft has risen and continues to present a problem for motor vehicle owners.

What’s alarming is that many of the vehicles have been left unlocked by the owners, making them an easy target. There’s no excuse for criminal activity, however the last thing innocent residents need is to make it easy for criminals to indulge in such behaviour.

Please remember to lock your cars at all times and don’t leave any belongings, particularly valuable belongings, in your vehicles.

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