Yearly Archive: 2014

Security alarm installation in Geelong homes

December 18, 2014

Peace of mind when you’re on holidays People are packing their cars in preparation for summer holidays across the region. But before you back out of your garage, vacation-bound, have you considered security alarm installation to protect your Geelong home while you’re gone? At Geelong Monitoring Services, our professional team installs quality alarms that give...

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Fire alarms under the spotlight

November 26, 2014

Photoelectric and ionisation go head to head With summer just days away, it’s vital that people across the region prepare their homes for the threat of fires. Clear away long grass and other materials that can fuel a fire, clean your gutters and ensure your garden hoses have enough length to keep all sides of...

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PIR security protects Point Lonsdale homes

October 18, 2014

Passive Infrared Detectors can play an important security role in keeping your Point Lonsdale home or business safe from burglars. People across Australia have embraced the technology as a key component of their home protection system. It’s common, it’s effective and it’s an intruder’s nightmare. Say you’re leaving your home for week’s holiday up north....

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Security guards keep the calm

September 24, 2014

Controlling crowds in an emergency Angry words sound, there’s a push, a punch is thrown and the fight begins in a crowded shopping centre. A crowd gathers — some caught in the melee and others drawn to the action — and the situation is getting uglier by the second. That’s when security guards appear, controlling...

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Office security in Geelong

August 29, 2014

Protecting businesses from crime It is our prerogative to ensure businesses are protected from crime by providing a variety of services which cater to office security in Geelong and district. Offices don’t always have cash on their premises, it is often technology and intellectual property (IP) which is valuable to office-based businesses. Money can’t replace stolen...

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Security news and tips for Belmont and Highton residents

July 31, 2014

Tips for how to avoid having your car broken into There has been a well-documented spate of car break-ins in Geelong, especially in the Belmont and Highton areas. In fact, break-ins have become such a problem there are signs along main roads such as Shannon Avenue with advice from police to keep your cars locked....

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Geelong government departments and protection

June 27, 2014

CCTV design, installation and maintenance Geelong is the country’s largest non-capital city and a regional hub of business, social and sporting activity. Geelong Monitoring Services is proud to operate across the region, providing security services to a range of clients’, from residential homeowners through to government offices. Our town is home to the Geelong Office...

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Reed switches for Apollo Bay small business security

May 29, 2014

Apollo Bay is a beautiful coastal town situated along Victoria’s iconic Great Ocean Road. During the summer months the beach, shops and town are abuzz with crowds of tourists enjoying their annual summer holidays. The autumn and winter months are considered “off-peak” season as crowds filter back along the Great Ocean Road and home for...

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Reminder to Drysdale residents: check fire security

April 21, 2014

We have many clients from the rural township of Drysdale, located on the Bellarine Peninsula, just outside of Geelong. When people think about security, the first thing they often think about is protection from theft and property damage. However, human life should always be a priority. Does your residential security plan incorporate fire safety? It...

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Security for your Norlane residency

March 6, 2014

Victoria’s riskiest suburbs for burglaries Norlane is one of the top 40 riskiest suburbs for burglaries in Victoria according to the RACV Home Burglary Statistics. The burglary rate is 1 in 38 homes, compared to the average home burglary rate for Victoria which is 1 in 71 homes. When it comes to residential security, prevention...

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