Reminder to Drysdale residents: check fire security

April 21, 2014

We have many clients from the rural township of Drysdale, located on the Bellarine Peninsula, just outside of Geelong.

When people think about security, the first thing they often think about is protection from theft and property damage. However, human life should always be a priority. Does your residential security plan incorporate fire safety?

It is recommended everyone changes the batteries in their fire alarms at the end of daylight savings, which has recently taken place. If you are yet to change your batteries, or need to replace some or all alarms, please contact us.

We check and install smoke detectors for homes and businesses to ensure early detection in the case of fire. Smoke detectors, fire alarms – whatever you like to call them – they should be a seriously important part of your residential security in conjunction with a fire evacuation plan.

We install smoke detectors to be wired for 24 hour operation, to ensure you and your family are protected all hours of the day and night. Moving into the cooler months, it is imperative these devices are in proper working order as you start to use heaters and electric blankets.

If you live in Drysdale, or anywhere on the Bellarine Peninsula, please contact us for residential security including fire alarm maintenance and installation.