Our quality approach to alarm monitoring/alarm response in Geelong

June 26, 2015

Our clients enjoy the added security and peace of mind that comes with possessing a quality alarm system. But if that system sounds an alert, what happens then? And what approach does our professional team at Geelong Monitoring Services take when it comes to alarm monitoring/alarm response in Geelong?

The answer is a swift, thorough approach, no matter what time of day or night it is. As soon as we receive an alarm in our state-of-the-art Australian Graded Monitoring Centre – the only one of its kind in regional Victoria – our staff spring into action, carrying out vital checks before sending a security guard to investigate.

We put the alarm’s history under the spotlight. Has this happened before? If so, what action did the team carry out? And, central to the situation, what brief do we have from the client in dealing with alarms?

Once we’ve uncovered those answers, we might need to inform our client about the alarm and seek further direction for an alarm response. And when the need for an alarm response is confirmed, Geelong Monitoring Services works like a well-oiled machine to carry out the following steps:

  • Staff at our monitoring centre, which operates round-the-clock, check the satellite tracking of our patrol cars to see which vehicle is closest to the address with the activated alarm. Our organisation has three patrol cars in and near Geelong every night of the year as well as a back-up patrol car.
  • Centre staff then alert the qualified patrol guard in the closest car and relay those details. The guard attends immediately.
  • In case of multiple alarms triggering, staff use 000 to ask for police help, quoting our Alpha Code. This code lets police know that our organisation satisfies all Australian Standards. We have a strong relationship with Geelong Police. In the majority of cases police provide our patrol guards with back-up support.
  • Our security guard carries out a comprehensive check of the site upon arrival. As well as updating the client of any break-in or damage, the guard’s role includes taking photos, collecting evidence and writing a report. If there are any suspicious vehicles or people near the vicinity, our staff member will record vehicle details and, if the situation permits, verify people’s identification.
  • If window or doors are broken, we can call in our locksmith and glazier to help secure the site and repair damage. They are on call around the clock and are a key part of our alarm response.
  • Our guards then carefully reset the alarm, only leaving after making sure the site is fully secure. They inform the monitoring centre of their departure.
  • Staff will do a follow-up visit within the next day to review the alarm response.

At Geelong Monitoring Services, we take our work and our clients extremely seriously. And we pride ourselves on our quality alarm monitoring/alarm response in Geelong. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our processes and wide range of services.