Our Geelong static guards give clients a security edge

January 31, 2017

Just the sight of our Geelong static guards at a premises makes people feel safer.

They’re decked out in a Geelong Monitoring Services uniform, they’re licensed and they’re highly trained to deal with a wide range of situations including emergencies. They are, without a doubt, a consistent, positive presence to help ensure the smooth running and safety of your business or event.

Business owners, event organisers, employees and those all-important customers can enjoy peace of mind with our professional static guards on site.

Whether you want to use our security manpower for regular guarding duties or a one-off event or function, you can rest assured that they’ll be specifically briefed to meet your individual security requirements. We’re committed to delivering a quality service and we’ll work hard to meet your needs with a variety of packages available for clients.

Some people think our Geelong static guards are there just to catch thieves and troublemakers. Well, that’s only part of the picture. While it’s true that uniformed security staff can be an important visual deterrent to keep offenders at bay, they also make employees feel protected – and happy employees are productive employees. Guards are also great when it comes to customer service and they play an important role in keeping the workplace safe and secure for everyone.

Because they’re always on alert and on-site, our vigilant guards are quick to notice undesirable or suspicious activities like aggressive behaviour or shoplifting and can step in before there’s a serious security issue. And if an emergency situation does occur, they’re well equipped to handle it and will call for back-up in needed.

From shopping centres to music festivals, jewellery stores to medical clinics, our Geelong static guards are a statement of security. Please contact us at Geelong Monitoring Services if you are interested in hiring our guards or want information on any of the other security services we offer.