Static guards a secure option in Geelong

September 22, 2017

For clients of Geelong Monitoring Services, there’s real peace of mind in knowing they can rely on our highly-trained static guards to provide a professional, consistent and effective service.

And, let’s face it, that’s exactly what you want when you sign up with a security firm. You want professionalism. You want reliability. You want confidence that the security team that’s got your back can stand strong and deliver results.

Whether you want a static guard in Geelong, a roving guard to regularly patrol and check your business outside working hours or security guards to rapidly respond when security systems at your home or business are breached, we’ve got you covered.

Our security staff Рfrom static guard to patrol Рcarry out their work for clients fully briefed on the needs of  every individual job. We tailor our service to each client, sending out guards that are licensed and trained to a high standard.

Our uniform-wearing guards are a great way to lift safety standards. They’re a visible deterrent to would-be offenders looking to shoplift, vandalise property, commit a burglary or cause a disturbance. They can also create a sense of calm. A static guard, working in a shopping centre, a medical centre or even a high-end store, makes shoppers and staff feel safe and protected in their environment.

So what sort of clients can call on our security guard services? If you have a large function that will attract a huge crowd, our security guards can help keep the event under control. If you have a big retail store that’s being targeted by shoplifters, consider a static guard. Perhaps your medical centre or pharmacy staff require a security presence during late-night opening hours. Would you like a mobile patrol to check the doors, windows and fence lines of your business regularly overnight to make sure there have been no breaches?

Geelong Monitoring Services can help with all these scenarios and more. From one-off events to a daily service, turn to our team for quality protection. Contact us for information on our static guard service in Geelong region and other security guard options too.