Alarm installation in Geelong helps keep criminals at bay

February 27, 2018

At Geelong Monitoring Services we’re pleased to see crime in the Greater Geelong area is down overall.

We believe our experienced security team has helped bring about the result, with roving patrols and quality alarm installation in Geelong playing a part in the welcome reduction.

The Crime Statistics Agency data for the local government area puts the offence count for the year ending September 2017 at 22,336, down from the previous year’s tally of 23,349.

While there were encouraging signs with falls in the number of offences across several crime categories, there are still areas of concern including property damage.

The CSA data for the year to September 2017 includes:

  • The offence count for theft was 6977, down from 9069 from the previous year;
  • There were 2720 counts in the burglary/break-and-enter category, down from 2016’s count of 3168;
  • The property damage offence count of 2213 was up by 31 on the same period in 2016.

At Geelong Monitoring Services, we know that any town or city will experience crime. It’s an unwelcome part of life right across our nation. That means it is important to remain vigilant with your safety and the safety of your home and business despite the overall fall in crime across the region. And bringing our experienced security team on board is a great safety step forward.

While there are many ways you can improve safety at your own home – think quality locks on doors and windows for a start – our team can lift your security to a higher level.

With our professional alarm installation Geelong clients can enjoy peace of mind that their loved ones, property and possessions are protected. We can even monitor your security alarm system from our state-of-the-art monitoring centre, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, with our security guards providing prompt alarm response when needed.

We offer clients a wide range of high-quality security measures including user-friendly security systems, CCTV cameras, reed switches, passive infra red detectors, duress buttons and smoke detectors. We also carry out safety inspections, offering clients advice on how to boost their protection levels.

For quality security services including alarm installation Geelong region clients can turn to our team for help. Please contact us for more information.