Security guards in Geelong a crime deterrent

April 29, 2018

While technology in the security industry continues to advance swiftly, sometimes there’s no better crime deterrent for your business than the sight of a professional security guard.

Uniform-wearing security guards in Geelong are an obvious sign that the immediate area is protected and monitored. Their presence sends a clear warning to would-be offenders to stay away and not cause trouble. And it is a warning that criminals do well to heed.

At Geelong Monitoring Services, we believe that sophisticated alarm systems, motion detectors, quality locks and CCTV cameras are all valuable components when it comes to a security plan for business clients. But we also recognise the value our manpower services – static and mobile guards – can bring to the security table when it comes to keeping your business well protected.

For experienced, qualified and quick-thinking¬†security guards Geelong clients can rely on our team for a high-standard service. If you need static guards to provide an obvious security presence in your retail store or entrance to your business, we can help. And if you’re after a mobile patrol to regularly check that your property’s fences, doors and windows remain secure, give us a call. Our guards can also provide a swift alarm response if your security system triggers.

So how can hiring a security guard help your business? A static guard stationed in a retail shop, for example, can be a great way to reduce the instances of shoplifting in your business. Guards also make customers, staff and business owners feel safer at work – and, in the case of employees, can even boost productivity.

Security guards can also promote good customer relations for the business they’re protecting. Then, obviously, there’s the fact that they keep the premises they guard safe. They’re well trained to notice suspicious activity and take appropriate action to handle a range of situations.

If you think security guards in Geelong and surrounding areas can boost the safety of your business, please contact our experienced team for more information today.