Crime statistics in Geelong reveal need to protect businesses

February 28, 2019

Making sure your business has quality security measures in place can help keep you from joining the tally of crime statistics in Geelong.

While these statistics show an overall decrease across the Greater Geelong municipality, theft is often more prevalent during the New Year period.

Crime Statistics Authority data shows there were 5668 criminal incidents of theft across the local government area last year, down on the previous 12 months’ figures of 5757. Criminal incidents of burglary/break and enter stood at 1853 last year, with 2017’s tally higher at 2624.

The decreases are welcome news, but the fact remains there are still plenty of offenders and plenty of victims.

Whether you are worried about burglars at your home and need a modern security system installed, or you want to increase the security presence at your business through patrols or guards, Geelong Monitoring Services can help.

Our professional team can provide you with a free quote for any job, big or small, so there’s no hidden costs. From a basic alarm to a sophisticated security system that includes CCTV cameras, access control and round-the-clock alarm monitoring from our high-tech monitoring centre, we’ve got you covered.

While crime statistics in Geelong can raise concern among home and business owners, there’s no point in panicking. It’s much better to get experts in to assess your property and provide you with a quality plan to beef up your protection levels.

Positive measures might include installing infra-red beams on fence lines around your industrial or commercial property or hiring our security patrols to inspect your premises regularly when the business is shut.

Your home is your castle and it is natural that you want it protected – whether you are in residence, at work or away on vacation. With one of our security systems installed, backed by monitoring and alarm response from our qualified and licensed staff, you can enjoy peace of mind that protection levels are high.

The same goes for your business. We are here to offer a blanket of security where you need it most. From static guards to keep shoplifters and troublemakers at bay, to all-important access control and even high-standard smoke detectors, our team can help spot weaknesses in your security plan and fill them with talented security experts and top-line products.

So don’t join the crime statistics in Geelong. Protect your livelihood and your home with superior security. Contact Geelong Monitoring Services today for more information.