Trained security guards an asset for Geelong businesses

March 31, 2019

When deciding how to best protect your business, there are two security investments that need to go to the top of the list.

And they are installing a modern and comprehensive security system and enlisting the help of experienced and qualified security guards to respond to alarm breaches, call outs or requests.

For reliable security guards Geelong businesses can’t go wrong with Geelong Monitoring Services’ highly trained and licensed crew.

Whether you want a security guard presence at your retail store or medical facility, a roving guard at a shopping centre or mobile patrols to regularly check the perimeter, doors and windows at your industrial or commercial premises, we can help.

Our guards are also available to swiftly attend your property when security alarms trigger.

When it comes to security guards Geelong Monitoring Services won’t let you down. Our professional staff are well briefed on every client’s security needs, allowing our guards to perform a custom-fit service to improve security at your business.

Our uniformed guards carry out their work to a high standard. And, because they are highly visible as guards, their mere presence is a strong deterrent to offenders to stay away. After all, who wants to risk getting caught by a trained guard?

For static guards based in a shop or other business, they perform several important functions. They make staff and customers feel safe. They also keep offenders at bay, watch for shoplifters and, if a crime does occur, can pass on important information to detectives and other police members. They can fill a key customer service role too, making them an integral part of the workplace.

When it comes to professional security guards Geelong businesses, and those further afield, won’t be disappointed with our trustworthy and reliable manpower services. For more information, contact Geelong Monitoring Services today.