Modern alarm installation for Geelong businesses

May 28, 2019

If you build a business, you want to keep it physically protected with quality alarm installation in Geelong.

But just as importantly, the modern alarm you select must work effectively for your staff and the premises as a whole.

If it’s so complicated that it takes three degrees and six months of lessons for people to learn how to operate it effectively, it won’t be a success. You need a system that’s easy to run, meets your needs and has the capacity to link with other security devices.

At Geelong Monitoring Services we live and breathe security every day. It’s our job and we’re passionate about helping clients of businesses big and small achieve quality security levels at their premises. It’s about keeping staff safe and protecting assets.

Our experienced team of security experts can help you pick the best alarm system for your business, making sure it ticks all the right boxes for you. We provide the alarm installation Geelong clients can rely on for a quality result and we are here to help with information, advice and excellent security products and services.

Perhaps you want our specialists to look over the existing security measures at your business to see whether the technology is outdated, needs tweaking or other devices such as CCTV and access control added.

Do you want a whole new system installed to replace the current one? Or have you  moved to a new premises and need our team to devise a security plan from scratch? Are you after 24/7 alarm response and alarm monitoring by our qualified security professionals? Whatever your needs, we can help.

We have a range of alarm systems on offer including audible alarms and duress alarms. Audible alarms have sirens and flashing lights that scare away would-be intruders while duress alarms can be wireless or hardwired and transmit an alarm when activated.

For quality alarm installation Geelong business owners can trust Geelong Monitoring Services for a top result. Please contact us for more information.