Hiring security guards for your Geelong business

August 26, 2019

When it comes to hiring security guards Geelong businesses will find their protection levels lift with our security experts in their corner.

At Geelong Monitoring Services, we know the value that professional guards bring to retail, commercial and industrial businesses. Here are five good reasons why hiring security guards for Geelong businesses is a quality security approach:

  1. Security guards provide a rapid response to any emergency or security breach at your business. Whether a smoke detector sounds or a security alarm triggers, our guards can assess the situation and respond appropriately. They are also an asset if any antisocial behaviour including shoplifting arises.
  2. Employees and customers feel safer with a trained security guard on hand. It’s all about creating a safer environment, whether you’re in a hospital or a shopping centre.
  3. A security guard in uniform is highly visible. Their mere presence at a business is a strong deterrent to would-be offenders.
  4. Simply having trained and qualified security guards at your Geelong premises makes the business more secure.
  5. While CCTV and other technology-based systems are important, having a guard there to respond immediately is a huge plus. Guards are reliable, versatile and ready to react the minute an issue arises. Their negotiating skills can also diffuse situations, helping to stop problems from escalating.

For quality security guards Geelong businesses can rely on our highly-trained team for great results. Please contact Geelong Monitoring Services for more information about the advantages of hiring guards.