Home security protecting Torquay residents

June 29, 2020

When it comes to home security Torquay residents deserve the peace of mind that Geelong Monitoring Services provide.

Our professional team supply and install home security systems for clients in this popular coastal town. Drawing on our sophisticated technology and highly-trained staff, we can ensure homes are monitored and protected against intruders.

Unfortunately, crime can exist wherever you live in Australia. Torquay is not immune to its destructive touch. Media reports have highlighted that in the past year overall crime on the Surf Coast jumped by five per cent. The data shows most crimes happened in the home, with theft and criminal damage offences leading the crime list.

As a result of the jump, some residents may feel it is time to shine a spotlight on their home’s security in Torquay.

And we’ve got a common-sense solution – call in the professionals. Our team can help you come up with a security plan to help keep your home, possessions and family safe. Then we can supply and install the necessary technology to lift your home’s protection level.

We advise that modern security systems, such as the range from Hills NX, are a great approach to deterring criminals. They give your home year-round protection, meaning you can enjoy peace of mind on the security front.

The user-friendly Hills NX systems are a practical way to keep offenders at bay. Our team can also link in devices including smoke detectors, reed switches and passive infra red detectors.

For quality residential security Torquay residents can trust our staff to deliver the goods. We have the team, the training and the technology to provide effective protection to your home. Contact Geelong Monitoring Services for more information.