Want to keep your building safe? Our security installations in Torquay have got you covered

July 30, 2021

Are you wanting to keep your building safe in Torquay? Then it might be time to give the expert team at Sectrol Security Geelong (formerly Geelong Monitoring Services)  a call.  Enjoy the peace of mind of dealing with our highly qualified staff, with the aim of delivering a quality security installations in Torquay and surrounding areas.

The team at Sectrol Security Geelong (formerly Geelong Monitoring Services) are experienced staff with decades of experiences in all aspects of security including residential, commercial, government and office.

The area of Torquay is booming at an extreme rate, and whilst the region is full of promise, it certainly doesn’t mean it is exempt from crime.

To protect your building whether it’s your home or business, the team can install a wide range of devices and security measures to make sure burglaries and thefts are a thing of the past.

Depending on your budget and security requirements, our team can provide an array of products to keep your home or business safe. The simple installation of an electronic alarm system can monitor your security with options including reed switches on windows & doors, motion detectors, duress buttons, and access control.  We also provide rapid alarm response, and we can even arrange on site security guards to secure your property in times of need.

On top of providing the best security in town, we are also able to provide scheduled maintenance to your security to make sure it’s performing optimally all year round.

The team is also proficient in installing commercial grade CCTV cameras, suitable for small residential, right through to larger commercial & industrial businesses. No matter the requirements we have you protected!

So, whether it’s for your home or your business, the team at Sectrol Security Geelong (formerly Geelong Monitoring Services) have you covered for your security installations in Torquay. Give the team a call today!