Reliable and effective Security for Armstrong Creek residents

August 19, 2021

Are you searching for the most effective and reliable security for your home in Armstrong Creek?

Then don’t go past the expert staff at Sectrol Security Geelong (formerly Geelong Monitoring Services), a team that is dedicated to assisting you with your home security.

We understand that our customers rely on their security equipment to do what it’s supposed to do.  That’s why we only sell and install the world’s leading security brands, ensuring quality commercial grade security equipment that protects your home when it counts.  Our Geelong based maintenance and servicing technicians are ready to assist you, ensuring your hard-earned and sentimental items are secure & protected.  Basically, Sectrol Security Geelong (formerly Geelong Monitoring Services) protects the things that you care about.

Unfortunately, damage & loss to property is a reality for all residents in Armstrong Creek and district, but you don’t have to fall victim.  There are ways of safeguarding your home against potential threats. We can design and install security solutions that suit your specific home security needs, while providing comfort and peace of mind to you and your family.

Backed by our parent company Sectrol Security, the difference between us and our competitors is that we provide an end-to-end security offer, which means we have full control over your security solutions from start to finish.  From Sales to Installation, 24/7 Monitoring & Alarm Response, plus patrols and guards, we do it all!

In order to monitor your residential security our highly trained monitoring staff based at our ASIAL graded monitoring centre, provides a service that is unmatched on the market with constant 24/7 surveillance and rapid alarm response at your beck and call.

A quality alarm system relies on multiple devices such as passive infrared detectors (PIR’s), reed switches and duress devices.  You can even combine access control systems and other home automation devices with your alarm panel.  The two most common devices used to detect unwanted company are PIR’s and Reed Switches.  A PIR will detect rapid changes in temperature and movement, while Reed Switches report alarms once sealed windows and doors are separated.

Duress buttons linked to your alarm panel are designed to be easy, one press units that report directly to our monitoring centre, enabling our highly trained operators to send rapid response vehicles and or emergency services to your premises.

Sectrol Security Geelong (formerly Geelong Monitoring Services) guarantee your home security is something that is unmatched on the market, so why not enjoy reliable and effective home security at your Armstrong Creek home in 2021.  Based at our Geelong office, both Ben & Jess will be happy to assist you with your home security queries.  Simply call the team today on 03 5221 7774.

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