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Prepare for summer with updated security in Torquay

August 29, 2016

Picturesque Torquay, with its sandy beaches and surf, is a popular seaside resort town and people flock there over the summer months to enjoy a slice of coastal living. And that means it gets busy – really busy – with the population swelling dramatically as thousands of holiday-makers hit the town in holiday mode. While...

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Is your Geelong security adequate?

July 28, 2016

It seems that every time you see or hear a news bulletin nowadays, there are new accounts of violent home invasions, car thefts and assaults. The past few weeks have thrown up some ugly examples and it’s enough to make you question whether your Geelong home or business has adequate security to protect people, possessions...

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Alarm installation protects Geelong businesses from break-ins

June 24, 2016

There’s been a spike in late-night raids on Geelong businesses over recent months and that’s concerning for the owners of retail, office and industrial properties across the city. At Geelong Monitoring Services, we know alarm installation in Geelong is a key way to protect your business from offenders. Security alarm systems are a great line...

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Security systems to protect Lara homes and residents

May 30, 2016

The town of Lara, less than 20 kilometres from Geelong, is growing rapidly as families make the move to the popular location. The playgrounds sound with the call of young kids, school enrolments have risen and new housing developments paint a vibrant picture of the town’s future. But no matter where you settle with your...

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CCTV installation keeps Geelong’s government offices secure

April 29, 2016

Quality security is vital for Geelong’s government offices and CCTV installation can play a key role in adding an extra layer of protection. Government offices need great security, above and beyond standard measures, due to factors including their operation and the confidential information they hold. With sensitive documents and data on the premises, our Geelong...

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Geelong mobile patrols help keep shiftworkers safe

March 28, 2016

For many shiftworkers the journey to their cars late at night or early in the morning can be a nervous one. But there’s no reason for them to feel anxiety if you call on our Geelong mobile patrols to keep them safe. At Geelong Monitoring Services we’re proud our team of professionally-trained guards is playing...

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Manpower services provide peace of mind for Geelong businesses

February 27, 2016

You put a lot of effort into building your business, so it pays to keep it well protected. That’s why many clients are turning to our manpower services in Geelong to deliver quality security at their premises. Geelong Monitoring Services has a team of fully licensed, highly trained and professional security guards who fulfil a...

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Optimising the security of your Geelong property

February 18, 2016

Alarm System Geelong Monitoring Services recommend the installation of an electronic alarm system that is monitored back to base as the most efficient means of securing your premises. If you add video surveillance your property becomes highly safe and secure. For added protection there are some simple but effective measures listed below to help you...

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Security for Ocean Grove holiday homes

January 29, 2016

The summer break is almost over and the crowds are thinning along our popular beaches. As people start heading back to work, it’s a sensible time to consider whether the security at your Ocean Grove holiday home or rental is adequate. Holiday houses have had a workout over the past two months in this attractive...

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Security tips and hints

January 25, 2016

Check that doors and windows are locked before arming your security system. Don’t leave animals in protected areas as they will trigger the alarm (unless provision has been made for pets). Clean dust and cob webs away from detectors often. Don’t cover or block your detectors. Leave internal doors open to maximise the area your...

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