Training & Supervision of Security Personnel

Geelong, Torquay, Surf Coast and Bellarine Pensinsula

Geelong Monitoring Services security staff and personnel have undergone extensive training as per requirements of the new Private Security Act 2004 and prior to employment, customary police checks have been completed. With the current regulation of the Security industry, Geelong Monitoring Services staff have undertaken and completed the following training or registration:

Security installers & advisers:

  • Private Security Individual Registration

Control Centre staff:

  • Certificate 2 in Security Operations (PRS20103)
  • Certificate 3 in Control Room Operations (PRS30103)
  • First Aid Level 2

A current applicable licence and First Aid Level 2 (Control Centre Staff applicable) will be a minimum requirement for continuation of future employment by Geelong Monitoring Services employees.

All activities are logged and recorded as per Geelong Monitoring Services protocols, with exceptions reported to management.