Residential Security Geelong

Sectrol Security Geelong (formerly Geelong Monitoring Services) is proud to protect numerous family homes in and around Geelong, ensuring your hard-earned and sentimental items aren’t stolen or damaged by thieves or vandals. Unfortunately home burglaries are a reality in Geelong and district, but your home doesn’t have to fall victim. A simple alarm system will deter criminals while at the same time alerting our Sectrol Security Geelong (formerly Geelong Monitoring Services) guards who will immediately dispatch from our central location to respond to your alarm. We have strict and standard procedures following an alarm from one our clients.

We can design and install security systems to suit most residential budgets. We know how important access to affordable yet effective security systems is for our clients across the region and when you call Sectrol Security Geelong (formerly Geelong Monitoring Services), you’ll be taken care of.

Alarm installation

Forget fiddly home alarm systems, we install the attractive and user-friendly alarms by Hills NX. Apart from being user friendly and looking good in your family home, we are able to connect to the following devices:

  1. PIR (passive infra red detectors) – these devices, apart from detecting movement, detect rapid change of temperature caused by body heat moving through the beam.
  2. Reed switches – the devices are magnetically operated. They require two parts and fit to doors and windows. Should the two parts of the device separate, such as when a door or window is opened, an alarm is activated.
  3. Smoke detectors – these devices constantly sample the air to detect any presence of smoke. As smoke is an early warning of fire, this device is able to emit an alarm to ensure all occupants are alerted and evacuated. These devices are wired for 24 hour operation, so they are working even if the alarm system is not turned on.
  4. Duress buttons – these devices can be ‘hard wired’ or wireless for your convenience. Once activated, they cause an alarm to be transmitted. Perfect for the whole family. As with smoke detectors, these devices are wired for 24-hour operation.

Alarm monitoring

Rest assured in the knowledge that our monitoring centre is Geelong’s only Australian-graded centre as graded by the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL). In fact, it is the only centre in regional Victoria to hold such a grading. To top it off, all of our staff are fully trained and ready to help you 24/7.

Alarm system maintenance

In order to ensure that your family and investment remain fully protected we offer a range of regular servicing maintenance packages for your alarm system.

Alarm responses

We provide 24/7 immediate alarm response service available to you, at your request. Simply call us and a guard will arrive to check your premises.

We can also help you commercial security and office security in Geelong.

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