Geelong Security Guards

It’s reasonable to expect any good security company to have qualified security guards on duty to respond to alarms, requests and call-outs. Our security guards are well-placed in Geelong to respond to numerous requests and alarms across the city and wider district, including Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula.

When you become a client of Sectrol Security Geelong (formerly Geelong Monitoring Services) you will be able to rely on all our guards to provide consistent service. Whether you need static guards at your business, a guard to respond to your home alarm system, a roving guard at your retail business or otherwise, we will work to meet your needs 24/7.

All our guards are rigorously trained to meet our strict quality standards. The last thing your home or business needs is a guard to show up without experience! We can provide guards who are fully licensed, trained and briefed to your requirements in order to undertake any security related matter you may have.

Call us today for security guards in Geelong. We also offer security patrols around Geelong, checking the perimeters of your business, including entry points such as doors and windows.

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