Government Security, Geelong

Government buildings and organisations often require a high level of security to ensure confidential information remains secure. At Sectrol Security Geelong (formerly Geelong Monitoring Services), we have experience working with Government bodies, ensuring the safety and security of staff, buildings and information. From access control to extensive CCTV design and installation, we’ll see to it that your premises and people are safe.

Alarm installation

Alarm systems for government offices or large projects need to be straightforward for all staff to use, that’s why we rely on the Hills NX security alarm systems. These versatile systems can be connected to the following additional devices:

  1. Smoke detectors – these devices constantly sample the air detecting for any presence of smoke. As smoke is an early warning of fire, these smoke detectors are able to emit an alarm so that all occupants are alerted and evacuated. As these devices are wired for 24-hour operation, they remain working even if the alarm system is turned off.
  2. Passive Infra Red Detectors (PIR) – PIRs detect movement as well as rapid change of temperature caused by body heat moving through the beam.
  3. Reed switches – these are magnetically operated and require two parts that are fitted to windows or doors. When a door or window is opened the two parts of the device become separated and an alarm is activated.
  4. Duress buttons – these devices can be wireless or ‘hard wired’ depending on your needs and, as with smoke detectors, are wired for 24-hour operation. When activated, an alarm is transmitted.
  5. Access control – these security devices control who enters any or all doors to your business.
  6. CCTV – we can design, install and maintain all levels of CCTV including IP systems.
  7. Beams – infra-red beams are placed along fence lines around your business to detect any movement in yard areas.

Maintenance of security systems

Investing in a security system for your business can be a large initial outlay. That is why, at Sectrol Security Geelong (formerly Geelong Monitoring Services), we offer a range of regular security servicing maintenance packages to maintain your alarm system. Ask our security service specialists which package will suit you best.

Alarm monitoring

We provide 24 hour a day 7 day a week electronic monitoring of all alarm systems all over Geelong and surrounding areas. Our staff are fully trained and ready keep your business secure 24/7. Our monitoring centre is the only Australian-graded centre as graded by the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL).

Alarm responses

Sectrol Security Geelong (formerly Geelong Monitoring Services) security staff provide immediate alarm response service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All of our security staff are fully trained, licensed and have the ability to respond to any request.

We can also help you with commercial security in Geelong, manpower security services and small business security in Geelong.