The importance of high-quality security for Werribee homes

August 5, 2020

Whether it’s installing alarms, providing alarm response, or installing CCTV systems, our team are the local security experts in Werribee. Having a modern residential security system is becoming increasingly important for all homeowners and tenants.

The Star Weekly recently reported that “Wyndham’s total crime rate has increased by 15.3 percent across 12 months, including a doubling of aggravated residential burglaries.” While this is an unfortunate statistic, consulting security experts on the best type of security system for your home can ensure that you and your family are protected, as well as your property and assets.

We can provide you with all of the information you need to make an educated decision on the right security system for your needs. Our team of experienced security technicians can also supply and install alarms, CCTV, and more from leading security suppliers.

A unique thing about Geelong Monitoring Services is that we can also provide round the clock monitoring for all of our residential security clients, giving them an essential extra layer of protection that ensures you and your family’s safety. We have a local monitoring centre that provides 24/7 monitoring.

Contact us to find out more about our security in Werribee, we can help you and your family remain safe year-round with comprehensive, modern security systems. While an up to date security system is one of the most important features of a home, very few homeowners are willing to invest in them, and the upfront cost is often less than expected.